Between Worlds: Portals

Part of the history of African American people is one of displacement and invention. With this installation I am using these doors as portals to tell the story of loss, resistance, resilience and standing.


Each door is double sided.

 The first door is a Yoruba village with a schematic of a slave ship on the other side to represent what was and what was lost.

 The second door features H. Box Brown ( a man who escaped slavery by shipping himself North) and the schematic of a Plantation. This represents lengths a person would go to find a home, and the system that repressed them.

 The third door displays the residents of Freedmen’s Village VA., and a list of Black towns that were established in the United States, but lost to history. This is the establishment of a place of our choosing, by our own will.

 The fourth and last door is an image of James Baldwin, writer, activist, and a one of his quotes regarding the struggle and establishment of identity. This door is the voice of the stand; not merely satisfying with existence, but with thriving.