The Drawing Center Exhibition,

The Intuitionist: For Safekeeping

This work was in an exhibition called The Intuitionist—a collaborative project by artists Heather Hart, Steffani Jemison, and Jina Valentine. Inspired by Colson Whitehead's novel The Intuitionist, the exhibition considers how the collection, the database, and the aggregate serve as complementary models for the organization of information and objects in flux. Using the keywords that organize The Drawing Center’s Viewing Program database (e.g., “autobiographical,” “geometric,” “historical,” “consumer culture”) as a point of departure, the exhibition installation will feature works and ephemera by over sixty artists who are members of the Viewing Program. Curated by Lisa Sigal, Open Sessions Curator. 

The work that I created was based on the life George Stinney. In 1944 at the age of 14, George was sent to the electric chair after a two-hour trial in which he was found guilty of killing two white girls. I created a series of 11 drawings that told not only his story, but also the story of the jury that found him guilty. Using a combination of marks created through ink washes, text, and specific images, I created a narrative that transcends the horrific act with compassion and strength.

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