Kala Veterans Residency Program 2021

"Game Theory Series"

Through October, as part of Kala Art Institute's Veterans Residency Program, I am focused on creating the installation Game Theory, to accompany Our A, B, C’s—a work I created during my residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts last year that uses large-scale children's blocks to emphasize the different lessons that Black children need to learn to survive, versus their white counterparts. The work consists of a large set of dice, which features raised text that can be inked like a woodblock or relief print, so that when the dice are rolled, I will be able to create a composition with the text. One set of die has the word "Black" on all six sides, while the other one features the words "Suspicion," "Waiting," "Identity," "Sitting," "Walking," and "Living." These terms emphasize mundane pursuits that have caused police actions when Black people are involved. By using dice in this manner, I am illustrating the frequency of the violence and disruption of Black lives, and how the community has always been forced to participate in a game of chance without the benefit of opting out.

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