UNTITLED, ART San Francisco

I was a featured artist with Southern Exposure at the UNTITLED, ART fair, an international, curated art fair that focuses on curatorial balance and integrity across all disciplines of contemporary art. UNTITLED, ART innovates the standard fair model by selecting a curatorial team to identify and curate a selection of galleries, artist-run exhibition spaces, and non-profit institutions and organizations, in dialogue with an architecturally designed venue.

For my contribution to Southern Exposure's booth, I will exhibiting two bodies of work that focus on how we interpret stories and information; "Days and Occasions" and "Fact&Fiction".


"Days and Ocassions" is a text based body of work that documents what happens between the spaces of time. The origin of the text is from my observations of the world around me as well as conversations. With this technique of recording the sublime to the ridiculous, the tragic and beautiful I am creating account that is infinitely more intimate than what we are subjected to in our daily lives.


"Fact&Fiction" employs fiction-based literature to create a new narratives for the lives of actual individuals. These classic tales of the imagination are tools that frame these people as human beings who made decisions and may have been forced into events that we would all find challenging. The fiction is meant to establish empathy and invite introspection upon the actions of these persons.

UNTITLED, ART San Francisco, January 12-14, 2018. 
The Palace of Fine Arts, 3601 Lyon Street, San Francisco, CA
Hours: Jan. 11 VIP/Press Preview 3-9 pm.
Opening Hours: Friday-Sat 12pm to 8pm, Sunday 12pm-6pm 

"Days and Ocassions: 00:00:57 seconds" Graphite on Paper (c) 2014
Fact&Fiction Series: "Patriot" (Assata Shakur)   Silkscreen and Dry Pigment on Paper (c) 2016 

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