Between Walls and Ceilings

Rodney Ewing was selected to participate in the Artist in Residence (AIR) Program at Recology San Francisco during the Fall/Winter of 2017-2018.
While at Recology, Rodney explored San Francisco's history and changes. He created mixed-media works combining
text with photographic portraits from the early 20th Century. Rodney used lath - the material, along with plaster, that composes the walls of old San Francisco homes - as backgrounds for pieces to reference the
people who once lived in the structures currently being remodeled or torn down for new construction. A series of lath cube sculptures connected by rope act as buoys, offering physical objects to grab onto to keep diverse San Francisco stories afloat.

Using materials all new to his practice, Rodney incorporated clock parts, a weather vane, kitchen drawers, ledger paper and basketballs found at Recology. Fragments of language paired with altered photographs suggest traces of disappearing personal stories, and draw attention to a changing Present, by connecting it to a disappearing Past.